Save the Micro Penguins

Mabel created this poster in Microsoft Word and has given me permission to post it here. Unfortunately her fancy font colors and formatting didn’t survive the cut-and-paste into WordPress.

She wants to put some of these posters up around the neighborhood and wanted to know what I thought people’s reaction would be. I told her they would probably laugh and tease her about it, so she decided to take her name off of the poster. I told her that if I put it on my blog people will also probably laugh and think it’s cute, and she said she’s okay with that.

Micro Penguins
One Piece of ice at a time

Micro Penguins are becoming endangered quite quickly. Most people do not believe in them, but some people, including me, do. If you believe in them and want to help, here are some small things you can do that will make a big difference.

1. If you see a piece of ice that hasn’t been stepped on, very gently take it someplace in the shade that people have already stepped on. People like to step in places where no one has stepped before, so it’s best to get Micro Penguins out of those places.
2. Only step in the snow where people have already stepped. It is better to walk on places Micro Penguins have already been killed than to kill more.
3. Don’t pick up the snow. Your hands can kill up to 20,000 Micro Penguins in one handful. 20,000 Micro Penguins is more than a whole colony of them!

These things are great things to do to help. But trying to save the Micro Penguins doesn’t mean you can’t shovel the snow! Don’t let Micro Penguins block you from doing what you need to do. But try the things above to make a big difference. Thanks for helping!

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11 Responses to Save the Micro Penguins

  1. Kristina says:

    Your kid is hilarious! I will definitely make sure to watch where I step.

  2. zstitches says:

    Thanks. Every bit helps!
    -Mabel the Mubble the Wobbly Bubble

  3. Anneke says:

    Sounds like she needs some propaganda. I donate my services:

  4. Trina says:

    Oh No! Now I feel such guilt for all the ice I’ve crunched, snow I’ve stepped in and (dare I admit it?) snow I’ve PICKED UP!

    I’m so glad Mabel let you share. . .and enlighten the rest of us.

  5. Lili says:

    Ahahaha! Both at Mabel’s poster, and Anneke’s tee-shirt. Awesome.

  6. zstitches says:

    Oh. My. Word. I can’t wait until Mabel wakes up tomorrow so I can show her your design, Anneke. And I think we’ll have to buy a t-shirt.

  7. American Yak says:

    HA HA HA. Do you make money off your designs, Anneke?

    LOVE the posting, Mabel.

  8. Jen says:

    I am overwrought with remorse.

    Also with jealousy and admiration that you have such a brilliant and hilarious child.

  9. Jane the pain got on a train says:

    awsome !and I`m NOT KIDDING ! I am SO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how can you buy a T-shirt ! contact me and tell me how !

  10. RachelJL says:

    Very creative. And, just like Horton Hears a Who, had I heard of micro-penguins as a kid, I would have believed somewhere deep inside (unfortunately) that they might be real, and that I might be constantly killing thousands of them with no way around it. Good thing I grew up in CA. 🙂

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