7th Grade Crazy Hair Day

This is a reprise of an idea of ours from a couple years ago. Last year the girls didn’t feel like doing this style (it’s itchy and uncomfortable to wear, and other kids poke at it and make the style fall out) but this year Mabel had a change of heart and wanted to try it again.

After Mabel left for school I worried I hadn’t used enough pins. So the style might not last through six hours of school. Oh, well, it’ll be great while it lasts.

She was eager to leave for school, so she only let me snap a few quick photos.

This bird that we got out of our Christmas decorations was our one innovation. Last time we used a little plush penguin in Mabel’s hair and a stuffed-animal chick in Rose’s.  The eggs are plastic Easter eggs with spots painted on them, hot-glued onto barrettes.

This look is a bit subtler, but (in my humble opinion) equally fabulous.

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6 Responses to 7th Grade Crazy Hair Day

  1. Helen Hall says:

    Except for a couple of changes, I can see her as a beautiful bride! Very creative!

  2. grandma weight says:

    What fun! Looks like she might have a little red in her hair?

  3. Karen Baird says:

    Face it – she is gorgeous no matter what her hair do. Hope none of the eggs hatch while she is at school. You must market this gorgeous child. Perhaps she could model crazy hair dos……

  4. Jennette says:

    Outstanding! You and your kids never cease to amaze!

  5. The MomB says:

    Yup, I love it I love it I love it.

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