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Why hello there, old blog! Long time no see, visit, check, update, or otherwise engage with!

And here it is! My semi-annual post about how maybe I will start posting on this blog again, since I really don’t want the blog to die off entirely. Advertisements

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A portrait of the artist as a young hand

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I guess I should be proud he doesn’t know the word “Oreo”

Henry just said, “Mom, I want some of those sandwiches that are a circle, and there’s chocolate stuff, and there’s light brown, and dark brown, and it’s a circle, and there’s white stuff in the middle.”

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I guess she’s forgotten about chores

Rose just said, “What a beautiful day of Saturday!  Saturdays are my favorite day.  No school, no church, just everything perfect!”

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After only complaining about my blog template for 3 years

I’m trying out a new template so I can have wider photos.  I’m not sure how to get back some of the stuff that’s now missing from my sidebar.  Oh, well.  You were sick of those practically-vintage photos, anyway.  You … Continue reading

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Her is wrong

Henry: “Mom, Mabel won’t give me applesauce, because I think her think I don’t eat applesauce, but I do!” Henry at the pool last week.  His goggles wouldn’t seal to his face so they were always full of water, but … Continue reading

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Decoding skills required to win

(This is a guest post by Mabel.) It’s hard being a mom. My mom cleans up Rose’s pee, Henry’s diarrhea, and Hazel’s waste every day. I clean up Spike’s abnormally ENORMOUS amount of poo every day. I think we’re finally … Continue reading

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