A Hedgehog for Hazel


When I accompanied Mabel to the State History Fair a couple of weeks ago,  we stopped at a nearby quilt shop and I bought enough of this fabric to make a simple skirt for Hazel, who loves to wear skirts. Then later I got a different idea, and I asked Mabel to draw a hedgehog embroidery design for me.

To sew the top I used out-of-print Butterick pattern 3547. It took me longer to make than such a simple design seemed like it should, mostly because I had to refer to the instructions a lot for the construction of the lining with the butterfly sleeve, and I had some trial and error coming up with a technique to insert the embroidered piece.

Now that I’ve figured the pattern out, I could make another one twice as fast–but unfortunately there are other projects I’d rather move on to.


I safety-pinned this onto Hazel before it was finished so that I could get photos before dark, then came inside and sat on the floor for twenty minutes sorting through a gallon bag of brown vintage buttons until I found a set.


Even though this project wasn’t as quick-and-easy as I’d hoped, I loved anticipating how it would turn out. Now Henry wants something with an embroidered hedgehog on it–so I’m trying to figure out what to make for him. (Like I said, on to the next project.)


By the way, Mabel’s once-beloved pet hedgehog Spike has moved on to a new owner. He was a lot of work to care for, and after Mabel had exhausted every bribery resource getting Rose and Henry to clean his cage, she finally decided she was done with hedgehog ownership, and sold him last October. None of the kids was sad to see him go–although Mabel still misses him when she’s in the mood for a hedgie photoshoot. I was a little more sad to see him go–but I never cleaned his cage. Even so, it’s a relief not to nag the kids to clean his cage anymore.


Last moments with Spike

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