In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there


Santa’s been here! He made it by about 11:20 PM, which isn’t quite a record in this house, but still leaves Dean and me plenty of time to stay up too late grading finals (him) or playing Scrabble online (me).

Today Mabel pointed out to Hazel that Hazel’s stuffed penguin Mingo is turning one year old tomorrow, so she helped Hazel write a letter to Santa and put it in the mailbox. Then Mabel made sure that Mingo got a present from Santa–this little Santa hat, that she whipped together tonight.


Our rule is that we can’t open presents on Christmas morning until we’ve had breakfast, so to help them resist, in past years the kids have wanted to put a baby gate or masking tape across the door to the living room. This year I got the idea to embellish on that concept by covering the door to the living room, as well as the railed opening in our hallway that looks onto the living room, with wrapping paper.

stockings02 Stockings01 Papered_02Elf Isaac was my Christmas elf for this job. He said the wrapping paper wasn’t easy to work with–but we were all pleased with the results.

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