Mama’s little helpers

Several years ago my sister passed this vintage dress on to my girls. The skirt was tattered, but I liked the bodice with its tiny covered buttons, so I sewed a new skirt onto it.


About a week ago I noticed that the tiny french-bound neckline was starting to fray. I came up with the idea to fix it by whipping two colors of embroidery floss around the binding. Hopefully the floss will help hold the binding together.


Then today I noticed that of course I would have to do the bindings on the sleeves, too.


Now that’s done, and hopefully we’ll get a few more good years out of the dress–or at least a few months, until Hazel outgrows it.

Meanwhile, GLORY HALLELUJAH, summer has begun. My kids had their last partial day of school last Thursday, Friday night Dean took them camping, this morning they had swim lessons, and now they’re doing chores.

I love the summer break. I look forward to it all year. It is by far my favorite time of year.

Some of my kids think I just like summer because I want to make them my slaves. They are partly right–but they don’t realize that before I had kids, I didn’t need slaves, because my home didn’t get messy.

Anyway, besides the slavery, I am also looking forward to lots of fun and relaxation over the next few weeks.




A few candid shots of my slaves. (Mabel and Rose fled from the camera.)

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3 Responses to Mama’s little helpers

  1. Rachel says:

    What does their servitude involve? I would love to look forward to summer the way you do–I love it and dread it at the same time…

    • zstitches says:

      Rachel, it does always take some time for us to adjust to summer. This year so far Mabel has actually decided to go with my program rather than fight it, which has helped things go more smoothly than in some other summers.

      Their servitude is 3 hours/day of whatever needs doing. I do chores during that time, too. I try to give them some choice about what they work on, although sometimes I specify tasks. That is a shockingly large amount of chores compared to any of their peers, but I figure it is not much compared to, say, pioneer kids, or kids before child labor laws–plus, if I start with a big amount, I can always ask less on a given day and seem lenient. And I rarely really get three full hours out of any of them, except Isaac and sometimes Mabel. But this year I *am* hoping that with the kids’ help, we can make progress on some organizing projects that we never, ever seem to get around to.

      We also have alternating “friend” and “family” days, to give me a break from kids constantly calling or knocking, and time to do things with just us.

  2. betsyhuntington says:

    As ever, so clever with your mending solutions. The neckline and sleeve edges look very pretty.
    Your children are blessed by your insistence that they take their share in caring for the household.

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