Riveting Mabel


I think I’m coming down with something (drat) since I’ve been very tired this afternoon, and my throat feels scratchy. So Dean, BLESS HIM! took Mabel and her friend to a thrift store to assemble costumes for the scene they’ll be acting out for History Fair, with the topic of women working during World War 2.


They were at the thrift store for about two hours (and our Rosie the non-riveter, who had wanted to come along, became excruciatingly bored and regretted it) and Dean says it took a lot of patience–but the girls are happy with the results. And I did make a little contribution, as the hairstylist for this test run. (Bonus! Mabel says this can be her Halloween costume this year, too.)


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2 Responses to Riveting Mabel

  1. Oh I love this! And you’ve got a good muscle on you there, too, Mabel!

  2. Rachel Matta says:

    Well done!. Those pictures are wonderful.

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