I try to like fresh, trendy looks–but they make it so hard sometimes


Effortless? I’d have to work pretty hard to get the idea to pair wool socks with strappy gold sandals.

I’m trying to picture the perfect setting for this footwear combination. The beach? Sand and water goes so well with wool. In the snow? You wouldn’t get much traction. Oh, I know! You could wear this look at home on your dry, clean, carpeted floors!

Wait–I do this look all the time–but with slippers over the socks, instead of sandals. I’m pretty sure that’s an even fresher, trendier look.

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8 Responses to I try to like fresh, trendy looks–but they make it so hard sometimes

  1. Peter says:

    Looks to me like this woman has put a lot of effort into something. She looks like she could use a nap.

  2. zstitches says:

    I just looked for a “like” button to show that I liked your comment.

  3. Ginger says:

    . . . and her hair. I think I’ve got that style mastered! I really feel validated!

  4. the MomB says:

    I had exactly the same reaction as Peter’s when I first read this post (just before I had to leave for an appointment). If I saw Zina’s face and posture looking like that, I would take her to the hospital immediately.

    The jacket is cute, the pants are cute, the socks look functional, and the sandals are OK. I’m pretty free-wheeling when it comes to unusual clothing combinations, but this is just, just, just hidjus. It seems we must endure cyclical ugly-fashion periods. This is a bad one. I don’t like it, no sir.

  5. hthalljr says:

    Helen and I often go walking in the mall in Klagenfurt after Seminary. The mall is open, but the stores aren’t. We often comment on why mannequins these days are designed to look either haughty, indifferent, or depressed.

  6. Hannah Holt says:

    LOL. She looks uncomfortable. I think her golden sandles are too tight.

    • betsyhuntington says:

      Ha ha, Hannah, you always crack me up.
      Of course, if golden sandals are too tight, you still have to wear them.

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