A new outfit for a wee dolly

This is what I’d been working on before my evening went crazy (as described in my previous post). Last year my mom gave Hazel an Effanbee “Wee Patsy” doll that’s a 5″ plastic reproduction of an older composition doll. I love this doll enough that I’ve already restrung the elastic that holds its limbs on, and repaired its outfit, more than once. Its original outfit is like this one (that I found a photo of online):


Hazel’s has a little bell with the bow that makes it even more appealing to a three-year-old. When Hazel rediscovered the doll a couple of weeks ago, she was super-excited that it was a Santa doll.

And here’s the dolly’s new outfit that I made by copying the old dress. I asked Mabel to make a hat. I had to sew the bow on the hat myself after Mabel got tired and went to bed, but she did all the rest.

Probably I should save this for next Christmas, or at least for Valentine’s day–but I can’t wait to give it to Hazel tomorrow.





Update: Hazel needed to have her sheets changed in the middle of the night, so after we got her cleaned up I went ahead and gave her the dolly with its new outfit on. At first she was alarmed because she thought I’d gotten rid of the Santa outfit, but once I reassured her we still had that one, she said, “This is her new cowboy dress! And cowboy hat!”

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3 Responses to A new outfit for a wee dolly

  1. NotMolly says:

    Sweet! I’m a big fan of *not* waiting for Official Gift-Giving Days to give small gifts. I hope my kids will grow up and have memories of days of random delight. And when I was bitty, a surprise, adorable new outfit for a doll? Ultimate Delight!

  2. The MomB says:

    Darling outfit. This does an old Grandma’s heart good. Cowboy outfit, ha ha ha. The funny thing is, I have an adorable 9″ Patsy that *is* a cowgirl. I have been wondering if anyone would ever want it for a gift. Such as even a surprise, random, gift for a mama.

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