Oh, my goodness. What a fiasco.

Mabel was at school today and some girls asked her if she was going to a friend’s party, and when she said she hadn’t gotten an invitation, they said, “Oh it’s okay, it says to spread the word, so you can come.” And she asked them when it was, and she is certain she heard one of them say that it was tonight.

Isaac was going to a different party tonight (and Rose went to a birthday party today, too–so 3/5 of my kids went to parties) and Mabel had agreed to babysit so Dean and I could go out. But she negotiated to babysit for us tomorrow afternoon instead.

Mabel had been at the host’s house for another party once, but didn’t remember the address, but she found it online. I had her write the address and phone number on an index card for me, and then Dean drove her to the party. Before he left he told me he wanted to stop at the library after he dropped her off.

I wasn’t feeling well and had stayed in my sweats all day, and I was working on some projects in my sewing room (and tolerating the three youngest kids cutting colored felt into tiny bits and strewing them all over) but a few minutes after Dean and Mabel left, I got a call from Mabel. She said, “Mom, I already waved Dad away, but the party’s tomorrow night. It’s my friend’s mom’s birthday party tonight.” I could hear people singing “Happy Birthday” in the background. I told Mabel I would call Dean, and Mabel told me she would wait on the front porch. It is a very cold night tonight–around zero or below.

So I called Dean–and his phone went straight to voice mail. I called again and still got no answer. I knew he takes his time at the library, so I sent him a text. I never text because my pre-paid flip-phone only has a number pad, but I managed to text, “pls call NOW.” I didn’t hear back. (I still haven’t heard back. But I just heard the garage door–he’s home now.) (Update–he thinks one of the kids must have turned down the volume on his phone when they were playing a game on it.)

So on my Caller ID I found the number Mabel had called from, and called that number–which ALSO went straight to voice mail. While I was trying to leave a message saying that I needed their address to pick up Mabel (because Dean also had the index card with the address) there was a knock at the door, which the kids answered and found just a package on our doorstep. We brought it in and it was for our next-door neighbor. I asked Henry if he had his shoes on, and asked him to run the package next door.

Then I went down to the computer to see if I could find Mabel’s friend’s address–and fortunately it occurred to me that her address and map search would still be in our browsing history. So I was able to find the address that way. I told Rose she would have to be in charge for a little while–and that everyone had better get their pajamas on and be VERY GOOD while I was gone. Then there was another knock at the door, and the UPS guy sheepishly told us he thought the package he’d just left was for our neighbor. I said, “That’s okay, my son brought it over,” at which point Henry piped up, “No I didn’t.” “Why not?” “I didn’t want to.” Argh. So Henry found the package and we gave it to the UPS guy.

Now the phone rang again–Mabel, calling from the friend’s house, wondering why we hadn’t come yet. I explained to her what had happened, but said I was on my way.

So I guess all’s well that ends well–except that Dean and I didn’t get our date, and Mabel got pretty cold waiting to be picked up, and pretty embarrassed showing up on the wrong night. I think there was some confusion at the friend’s house, too, since the friend was worried that other people would also come on the wrong night–and some of the guests at his mom’s party assumed Mabel was there for that party. (That’s also why Mabel had waved Dean away in the first place–it had looked like there was a party going on.)

Pshew. Now I will gladly get back to my little sewing project. After I clean up all the little bits of felt.


Photo from here

P.S. Mabel came up with the title for this post. 🙂

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3 Responses to BEST PARTY EVER!!!:D

  1. The MomB says:

    I really feel for you. In fact I feel for you so much that I can’t stop laughing.

  2. Heidi says:

    Sheesh. I REALLY feel for Mabel–I’ve been embarrassed like that more than once, and it’s MORTIFYING. I’m glad everything worked out!

    • zstitches says:

      And when you add to that her walking in the cold (she had walked to the corner to meet us, then came back to call again, then back to the corner) when she hadn’t dressed very warmly, it really wasn’t a great night for her. But she at least recovered enough to laugh with me on the way home as she described all the awkwardness. And she had fun at the real party the next night.

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