Amazing Hazel Grace

Hazel and Mabel on New Year’s Eve

It’s 2013! Can you believe it? That’s so unlucky! I hope it’s not really unlucky! 2012 was unlucky enough for me! But it was a good year, too! There’s nothing like starting out a new year with exclamation points! And with a bunch of photos of Hazel and her creations!



At nearly four years old, Hazel has acquired the typical little-girl obsessions of princess dresses and weddings. She calls her favorite frilly dress-up her wedding dress or her Rapunzel dress. (Since we spattered this same dress with mud and ketchup for a zombie costume for Mabel last year, Mabel’s a little freaked out by seeing Hazel wear it.) One day I looked out the front window and saw Hazel posed like this:


A few days later, she was wearing the dress again and kept insisting that she needed to go to her “REAL wedding party.” She wouldn’t believe Dean that there was no real wedding party to go to, and he was getting frustrated. I said, “I think she might just want to go outside.” So Dean let her out, and she happily wandered around our front yard, posing next to our flowerbed and apple tree. I think she was trying to copy the poses she’d seen from my sister Lili’s beautiful wedding photos.

Hazel has a true do-it-yourself spirit. She made this basket from cardboard ribbon spools she got out of our recycling bin:


And this is a sword:



She builds nests:

Stocked with the essentials: scissors, paper, pen, almonds

And she decided the metallic markers Rose got for Christmas were eye makeup:



Mabel and I made a dress-up wedding veil for Hazel for Christmas. She loves it as much as we had predicted she would.




I didn’t predict (although I probably should have) how much she would love the sparkly, ruffly dress I found on sale yesterday. I was thinking it would be for Sundays, but I quickly adapted to the idea of her wearing it on weekdays. (Every day.) She calls it her “ballerina outfit.”

Here she is in her ballerina outfit (she did her own hair) standing next to a drawing she taped to the wall, and holding the Playmobil shield that inspired the drawing. I’m not sure exactly why there are toothpicks taped at the top of the drawing. But I asked if they were supposed to make the drawing look more like a shield, and she said yes.


In conclusion: We love Hazel! Very, very, very much!


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3 Responses to Amazing Hazel Grace

  1. elkmeadow says:

    What an awesome album of entertaining, beautiful, creative Hazel Grace! We love her, too!

  2. Trina says:

    I must say that 4 (including almost-4 🙂 is probably my favorite age–at least for boys. I don’t know for sure yet about girls. I love her creations!

  3. The MomB says:

    You put to much cute stuff on this post. Amazing. That basket she made stuns me. And everything stuns me. The eye-shadow is remarkable and will probably start a new style. Everything on here is stunning. If I die right after posting this, it will probably be your fault.

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