A winner in my book

It was “Ugly Christmas Sweater” day at Rose and Henry’s school today, but we didn’t have any overtly ugly sweaters, and obtaining some was the least of my priorities. Henry didn’t want to wear a sweater anyway. But Rose did–and she quickly came up with a plan.


She says that she was one of the four kids her class chose to vote on whose sweater was ugliest. “Of course my friends voted for me,” she says. “But A.H. won–and her sweater was pretty! It had three golden ornaments at the top, and a reindeer in the middle, with a red cotton nose. It wasn’t ugly at all! Mine was way uglier!”

She added, though, that it turned out okay, because the winners from each class had to go up on the stage during the school assembly, and they all got Twizzles, and she doesn’t like Twizzles.

But, still, she can’t understand why a pretty sweater won the Ugly Sweater contest.

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3 Responses to A winner in my book

  1. Virginia Wood says:

    Ha, Ha! I’m sure most kids her age would agree that what we think is an UGLY Christmas sweater is really pretty spectacular! I loved your UGLY sweatshirt, Rose.

    Aunt Ginger

  2. Hannah Holt says:

    I like Rose’s solution to her problem. Growing up, I remember thinking our school librarian had the prettiest sweaters. Her sweaters always had these cool patterns and she wore very chunky necklaces with characters on them. In hindsight, I’m pretty sure her wardrobe was less than hip. But it was the 80’s, so maybe not. In any case, I thought she was the coolest.

  3. Way to go, Rose! Very funny, and that many safety pins makes any sweater ugly. I agree with you that a pretty sweater shouldn’t have won–it’s one of the mysteries of life that so many people can’t seem to follow directions. But as you said, things usually turn out for the best in the long run.

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