Huh. “Family Fun Run” isn’t an oxymoron, after all.

Isaac joined the high school cross-country team this summer and says it’s been one of the best things that ever happened to him. His coach told him the other day that “We’re going to need you next year,” because based on his speed at regionals, he’d be the 7th member of the varsity team next year after some of the other runners graduate.

I’m really happy for Ike, too, that he’s found something physical he likes enough to be willing to work hard at it. And it makes a lot of sense, too, when I remember how when he was a toddler, it used to exhaust me to watch him run endlessly around and around and around and around our little living room–or how, at the mall or the park or the grocery store, he would take off running and not look back. There were a couple of times I wasn’t sure I’d be able to catch him. (I definitely wouldn’t be able to catch him now.)

I think Dean could have been a good runner, but he has bad feet, and I don’t like running because I worry about hurting my knees, so unfortunately this won’t become something we can all do together as a family. But since Ike’s team was going to run in a 5K last Saturday, sponsored by local schools for Make-A-Wish, we went ahead and signed up a couple of the other kids, too.

Henry and Hazel were sidelined becausethey were both sick.


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3 Responses to Huh. “Family Fun Run” isn’t an oxymoron, after all.

  1. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    This is so wonderful!

  2. Jane says:

    Did Mabel and Rose run the entire 5k? FUNN!!!

    • zstitches says:

      They walked part of it. I can’t remember if either of them had been sick that week, but I think they decided to take it easy so as not to risk getting sick, or sicker.

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