Oh yeah, my kids did have costumes this year. Did you want to see them? OKAY THEN.

Halloween is usually Dean’s and my social-calendaring workout of the year, in helping our kids plan who they’ll trick-or-treat or party with, and making sure they have their costumes assembled and that they eat some dinner, too. And then this year we had extra excitement by having two sick kids. Henry had come down with croup and strep on Sunday, and although he was on an antibiotic for the strep, he was still coughing, so, sadly, he had to stay home from school on Halloween. I did ask Rose to pick up any treats they might have from his classroom, and his teacher not only sent home a bag of treats, but also a note saying how the class had missed him.

And then on Halloween, Hazel started coughing and seemed feverish. So right after dinner, while our other kids started their trick-or-treating, Dean took her to urgent care. She didn’t test positive for strep, but they gave her an antibiotic anyway. That night Dean was up with her at about 4:30 AM, running hot water in the bathroom to make steam for her, and then taking her outside into the cold air before she finally could breathe easily enough to sleep. He also moved her mattress into Henry’s room so they could share the humidifier in there. I was so grateful to Dean for getting up with Hazel, since I was pretty worn out from all the Halloween commotion.

I put a princess dress on Hazel when Dean took her to Urgent Care (I didn’t want to put her warm bunny costume on her when she was so feverish, but wanted to make some gesture) and Dean said she melted the doctors’ and nurses’ hearts. She was a very meek little sick princess, and glamorous too, with her sweat-curled hair and glassy eyes.

(And, I will admit, we did still let her and Henry do a little trick-or-treating when she got home, after first scrubbing and sanitizing their hands.)

This was how Henry and Hazel spent their afternoon on Halloween:

And here (see, I told you I would finally get around to this) are this year’s costumes.

Ike was a character named “Quote” from a video game called “Cave Story.” Other than his best friend, ONE other person at his school recognized what his costume was–but that was good enough for Isaac. Here’s an image depicting the character (from http://www.cosplayisland.co.uk/files/costumes/3890/53707/quote_01.jpg ).

And here’s Ike’s rendition. He made it himself (after I agreed to fund it, and Dean took him to a thrift store to find the components):

Mabel reprised the costume she made last year (with quite a bit of help from me). She says she didn’t know what to tell people when they asked what she was, but her various answers included “Queen of the Flowers” and “Flower Fairy”:

Since Rose is our St. Patrick’s Day girl, she got the idea to be a leprechaun. And when, a few days before Halloween, I got the idea to sew a hat for her, I then got the even BETTER idea to see if I could find a cheap one online. And I could! And it even came in time! The hat was too big, but a little cotton batting stuffed in the crown of the hat solved that problem.

AND, since Henry and Hazel used costumes I’d made in previous years, I didn’t have to do any costume sewing at all this year. Which is just how I like it. I do like to help my kids fulfill their costume ideas, but I hate the actual sewing, so I’m thrilled to be in a stage of life where we can often recycle previous years’ sewing projects.

Puppy Henry:

Bunny Hazel:

Even though this was a pretty exhausting Halloween, it was still a fun day. We had beautiful warm weather, and I had a good time walking around our neighborhood with cute bunny Hazel holding my hand, and seeing neighbors and friends.

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3 Responses to Oh yeah, my kids did have costumes this year. Did you want to see them? OKAY THEN.

  1. Jane says:

    🙂 gorgeous.

  2. Heather says:

    So, my 5-year-old was sick on Halloween and missed his party too. I took him to the doc and although it didn’t look like strep (and he had no fever), the 24-hour test came back positive. Thankfully he felt better enough in the afternoon that I felt bad for keeping him home (at the time I only knew the 7-minute test was negative) so I took my kids out. I didn’t have the other kids tested, but they’ve been sick this last week too. Also, this was the first time I didn’t have to do any major costume prep either and it was wonderful.

    It surprises me sometimes how much my daily life can parallel that of other people. I hope you’re all feeling better as we finally are!

  3. I was surprised how much you already know about me…and I’m leaving a comment just like you asked, just the kind of gal I am. I’m sorry your smalls got sick for Halloween…such a bummer. But their costumes look great!
    As I read on I loved your daughters bird nest crazy hair, that’s what I did for Halloween this year.

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