And you thought you’d seen it all

The males in my family have a long tradition of culinary experimentation. I’ve seen Dean use baby mush to thicken soup, and I can’t even remember which mystery ingredient he recently sneaked into some meringues, because my memory just didn’t have a category to file it in. His choice of ingredients seems to be based more on the chemical and physical properties of foods than on gustatory considerations, and he scoffs at the constraints of tradition.

And then there’s Isaac, who used to eat applesauce on his Rice Krispies because he’s allergic to milk, but most of whose food transgressions stem from his unswerving love for ketchup. I’ve seen him dip corn chips in ketchup instead of salsa, and I’ve seen him dip baby carrots in ketchup, too. And tonight he stirred some ketchup into his lima beans.

By comparison, until now Henry’s tastes have been only mildly adventurous. But tonight his food-corruption gene chose to express itself, and with panache. I think his invention may actually have never been tried before, ever in this world. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present:

“Croissant aux haricots de Lima”

Henry’s not making faces here because he didn’t like his croissant-with-lima beans, he’s making faces here because I’m taking pictures, and he’s a self-respecting six-year-old boy.

No, he liked his lima-bean croissant just fine.

And ate it right up.

There can be no doubt that Henry is poised to continue his father’s and brother’s tradition of culinary innovation.

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6 Responses to And you thought you’d seen it all

  1. The MomB says:

    AH HA HA HA HA! Maybe you better add a little ketchup to that, Henry. A lima bean sandwich? Why not? Beans on toast is a British staple.

    • zstitches says:

      Hey mom, in the Anne Perry books they often talk about eating “kidneys,” and all my life until now I’d assumed that meant organ meats. And then a little while ago I realized it probably means kidney beans–which would mean a lima croissant could be a cousin to a kidney pie.

    • zstitches says:

      Ha. Should have looked it up–my first guess of diced organs was the right one. Beans sound more palatable. 🙂

      • The MomB says:

        Beans ARE more palatable. I have eaten steak & kidney pie and it tastes like what you might imagine. Smells of ammonia. I can’t imagine acquiring a taste for it, but it’s still eaten there. There’s no sound I can spell for how awful it tasted to me.

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