This was a nice morning’s project. (Not to mention that, after being sick a LOT in the last few weeks, I was thrilled to be showered and dressed and not napping this morning.)

I found this jumper for a few dollars at a thrift store. I recognized it from a Target line (I had almost bought one when they were new, but I think they didn’t have the right size–cute kids’ clothes go fast at my local Target store). I liked the color and it was in good shape, but the shoulder-bows were worn-looking, and it was a couple sizes too big for Mabel.

Today I undid the stitching that was holding the front and back straps together into bows, cut off the back straps, pressed the front straps, and sewed two buttonholes in the ends of the front straps so the size can be adjusted. I stitched down the back facing that kept wanting to pop up, and sewed buttons on the inside of the back. Then I took in an inch on each side of the bodice, using large basting stitches so it will be easy to undo when Mabel grows.

Mabel didn’t like the jumper when I first brought it home, but last night I showed her how I could modify it, and she liked it with the changes. I’m looking forward to her trying it on when she gets home from school.

(And did I mention that I showered and dressed and didn’t take a nap this morning? I’d be feeling productive even if I hadn’t gotten some pleasant sewing time. Next up: lunch with Hazel, running a load of dishes, and maybe some laundry. So much excitement!)

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2 Responses to Fixer-upper

  1. Karen Baird says:

    No wonder your kids are clever and creative. You are incredible…

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