Hand-tatted bracelet

I’ve been wanting to try making a bracelet like this for some time, and I finished the tatting a while ago. I’m home sick with a stomach flu today–for the 5th day in a row, ugh–and when I found this bit of tatting while I was cleaning my sewing room, it cheered me up a little to make it into something pretty.

I think it might be fun to get some heavy-duty starch and make a really stiff one like some that I’ve seen online, but I only had regular starch handy (I never use starch for everyday ironing, but we had one can Dean had bought). I do like how this bracelet’s a little bit soft and drapes nicely.

I might try a darker color of thread next time, because I can imagine this one getting grubby pretty quickly.

Whenever I try to take a photo like the one above, I imagine the disapproval of that horrible hand model from YouTube. If she scoffed at Katie Couric, I’m sure she’d consider me hopeless.

And then if I turn my hand over, I have a big scar from my wrist surgery last winter. But I don’t mind the scar as much as I’d thought I might–it’s just evidence of living. And it reminds me to be grateful that I live in an era when, scars notwithstanding, at least some types of injuries can be almost-miraculously put back together.

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5 Responses to Hand-tatted bracelet

  1. Liz Clark says:

    I really like this flower motif! Do you do this with a needle or a shuttle?

  2. Thora says:

    I love the tatting – and it’s nice to find a way to incorporate tatting without it taking decades to finish the project. Also, that hand model. I think of her too, sometimes. Like who does all the dishes in her life? She makes me want to compulsively move my hands in graceful waves that compliment their grace and beauty forever….or maybe she just makes me want to laugh at her when she does that. I can never remember.

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