Pretty patches, and Hazel with straight hair

I spent the whole day mending yesterday. It was very boring, but also sort of satisfying. I always wonder if I’ll ever catch up. I hope so. Anyway, of about ten projects, here were the only two slightly-creative ones:

I asked Mabel to choose a shape for a patch and then to draw it. She loves the result. (Don’t tell her she looks like a Sneetch.)

I tried to match this patch to the embroidery on Hazel’s jeans.

Yesterday I asked Mabel to do Hazel’s hair. Mabel said she didn’t know how and I said just to do something that would get it out of Hazel’s face when she ate dinner. A while later they both reappeared, and Mabel had flat-ironed Hazel’s hair. We couldn’t believe how much it changed Hazel’s look.

I asked Mabel to take some pictures. She had a hard time getting Hazel to smile naturally.

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3 Responses to Pretty patches, and Hazel with straight hair

  1. grandma weight says:

    Very creative mending–loved your ideas. Mabel did an awesome job on the hair–but it makes Hazel look much older!

  2. Nae says:

    I agree, Hazel looks much more grown up. I like the creative patches. I’ll have to remember that when I actually get to my mending. 🙂

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