Sour grapefruits

Watching me pour some grapefruit juice for myself, three-year-old Hazel says, “I want some of that juice, too.”

“Are you sure? It’s really sour.” I pour her about an inch.

“I want a lot.”

I pour her an inch more. “Okay. I expect you to drink all of it.”

She carries it to the table and we both sit down and start eating our lunch. She takes a sip of her juice, and puckers. “Actually I don’t want this sour juice.”

I raise my eyebrows. “Okay. Give it to me, then.”

She passes the cup over, then says, “Now you have two juices. I expect you to drink all of my juice.”

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3 Responses to Sour grapefruits

  1. Karen Baird says:

    I love this picture… What a gorgeous little blondie and followers behind. You have the cutest family ever.

  2. Kayli says:

    Ha ha. That one made me laugh.

  3. What a day. I laughed SO HARD.

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