Imaginary worlds have rules, too

Three-year-old Hazel was frustrated about something.

I asked, “What’s the matter?”

“I’m trying to put the lid on this and it won’t work!”

“Bring it here and let me see.”

She brought me a toy plastic roasting pan. “The lid won’t go on it!”

I rotated the lid and pushed it into place. “Here. It’s still crooked, but that’s a little better. Can I have a bite of that bacon?”

“Well, it’s not real, it’s just pretend.”

“Can I have a pretend bite of that delicious pretend bacon?”

“No, I’m saving it for after we go on a hike. A pretend hike.”



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One Response to Imaginary worlds have rules, too

  1. Virginia Wood says:

    What an imagination! Becca and Natalie once had a huge fight over Natalie having stepped on a pretend cake of Becca’s.. REAL: (not pretend) tears, screams, hair pulling . . . . Sigh!

    Just think of all the pretend calories you didn’t get to consume 🙂

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