Convert lace-up kids’ shoes to slip-ons

I noticed recently that Rose keeps her shoes tied in permanent knots, with the ends bunched up and tucked under. And I remembered that when Mabel was in The Secret Garden and had a tricky costume change, my friend Jenny, who works at the theater, had replaced the shoelaces of Mabel’s costume boots with elastic cord. So I did the same to Rose’s new shoes:

I got elastic cord for .79/yard at JoAnn, and it took about 25 inches each for the gray sneakers and about 18 inches each for the black (because I threaded them differently–the knot is hidden behind one of the eyelets).  This particular elastic’s not terribly stretchy, so I had to leave it laced somewhat loosely for Rose to get the shoes on easily.

If I hadn’t already cut the elastic too short, I think the grey pair would have looked good with a bow tied over the knot. And it would be fun if fabric stores sold colored elastic cord. (Maybe there are online specialty shops that do. I didn’t want to wait for something to ship. Maybe next time.)

Rose likes them (even if she was not willing to stop chewing jelly beans long enough for me to take a photo). And I feel clever.

Update: My husband tells me he saw elastic shoelaces in colors at a shoe store the other day. Also, he used 1/2″ flat elastic to replicate the look of some wide laces on some shoes for our six-year old (but it was pretty hard to thread it through the eyelets).

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One Response to Convert lace-up kids’ shoes to slip-ons

  1. Hannah Holt says:

    You are clever. I need to do this with my kids’ shoes!

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