Home on a Friday evening

I paid too much for some nail stickers in Montreal’s Chinatown almost two years ago, picturing that when I got home from my trip, the girls and I would have a fun time doing each others’ nails.

It only took us just under two years to get around to it. Dean and I try to go out most Friday nights, but tonight I wasn’t feeling up to going anywhere, so we sat around and I had a great time putting tiny flower stickers on Hazel’s little hands.

My polish is kind of soft and gloppy still, because I didn’t let it dry enough between coats. I predict it’ll last until tomorrow afternoon, or until I try to do some sewing, or until it bugs me so much I can’t stand it–whichever comes first.

P.S. I’ve figured something out: When I go on vacation, I like to give myself a break from blogging or any internet commitments. (Doesn’t that sound absurd–internet commitments? But even virtual relationships have their give-and-take, and can start to feel like obligations.) And when I blog, I tend to blog about things that just happened, rather than to go back and describe things that happened even just a couple of weeks ago. The result is that my blog is mostly about little domestic incidents–and you might think we never leave our house. But just so you know: sometimes we do leave. A little bit. (Also, I think the solution will be to train myself to do little blog posts even during vacation–if I can ever train myself to such a thing.)

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