All the places

Hazel wanted to try on some clip earrings the other day. She usually keeps them on for 2 minutes before she gets tired of them.

This morning after I got back from physical therapy* I decided I really needed a nap, and I talked Hazel into pretending to be my teddy bear so I could snuggle with her. She actually held somewhat still, but kept up a constant prattle the whole time. Here’s some of what she told me:

I had been reminding Dean about a Sesame Street Ernie and Bert sketch, and she said, “We have a Ernie stuffed animal in our stuffed animal box!”

I said, “Yeah, we have an Ernie doll.”

“It’s not a doll, it’s just a Ernie.”

She said, “Our house doesn’t have any places, it’s just a house. But it doesn’t have any places, like Seven Peaks [water park]. I wish our house was great, great big, and it had all the places. But that’s just pretend. It doesn’t make any sense. Really our house is just a house.”

*(Yes, I’m still going to physical therapy three mornings a week. I get up at 6:15 so I can get there by 7:00, in time to be one of the first patients seen, and I’m usually home before 8:00. I’m really tired of getting up early, but although I’ve got most of my mobility back, there’s still some stiffness in my wrist when I bend it, and ideally if I persist we’ll be able to get rid of even that stiffness.)

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1 Response to All the places

  1. Karen Baird says:

    You have absolutely beautiful children!!!!!

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