Hazel’s vintage look

My aunt Ginger, my dad’s sister, found this like-new “Ginny gown” that my grandma had made, and she passed it on to Hazel. It’s still too big, but I added an extra piece of Velcro to make the neckline smaller, and I put new elastic in the sleeves, and it works pretty well. As you can see, Hazel loves it as much as I used to love my Ginny nightgown when I was her age. I think mine was a pastel floral. I loved to stand over a heater vent to watch it puff up.

My mom also used to put my hair in foam curlers sometimes on Saturday nights. My older brother Tracy called the resulting springy curls “smushed banana curls,” for no good reason other than that it upset me. Eventually it also made me doubt the attractiveness of the look. Unlike my older brother did, Henry often compliments Hazel’s dresses or hairstyles. I love that about him. (Tracy is also much more complimentary to me these days. And he adores my kids.)

“Do normal smiles. I said normal smiles. You clowns.”

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4 Responses to Hazel’s vintage look

  1. Lili says:

    This makes me smile. (And my ginny gown was pale yellow. And I loved it, too).

  2. Virginia Wood says:

    Oh, I am so glad she loves her Ginny gown. I think all of the necklines were too broad for most of us, too. They were originally made for dancing in, hence plenty of room in which to move around. They were a staple of Virginia Tanner’s modern dance classes taught at one of the Provo elementary schools. She would come down to Provo on Saturdays from SLC where she was the head of the U of U’s dance program (I think). She introduced us all to “Ginny” gowns. It was just about the only thing I liked about the classes. I felt singled out for her criticism, which looking back was probably either earned or incorrect.

    I will have two more Ginny Gowns at the reunion to give away. One is orange flowered and one is blue flowered. First come first served 🙂 Sarah and Rose-Ellen both have one for their girls, already. I also already sent one to Mel. Her daughter used hers “in a pinch” for a costume when Maxine had to be “Mother Goose” in a school play and Mel had just a few hours notice of the need. With an apron tied around her waist over the Ginny Gown, it was perfect!

    The pleats are there to “let it down” when it gets too short.


    Aunt Ginger

  3. the MomB says:

    Like. 🙂

  4. Karen Baird says:

    Hazel is too, too cute. Where can I find Ginny gowns…. My grand-daughters would go crazy for them. So fun and fluffy and feminine – Love your posts. Hugs to you and your fam!

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