Summer sewing with kids

Yesterday I wanted to look in a fabric store and I had all my kids with me. I told them to put their hands in their pockets and not touch anything, but that if they saw anything they really loved I’d buy them a fat quarter. (I also told them I had lots of stash at home, so they could pick something out when we got home instead, but only Mabel took me up on that.)

Henry was the first to find something he loved, but Rose and Hazel quickly followed. (Ike didn’t want anything.) Henry said he wanted to make a little blanket for his stuffed animals.

I love Henry’s fabric choices. The one with bright primary colors (I think it’s an American Jane) is new, and the one with the bears and bunnies was from my stash.

So we came home and dug through my stash for backing fabrics, and then I sewed up two of the quilts, and kept the kids up an hour later than I’d meant to, while the kids fought and quarreled with each other the whole time.

Mabel said it hadn’t been a very fun time.

Hazel’s choices. The vintage reproduction one was from my stash. I have several of these from when we used to have a$2 Fabric Store in my town, and I don’t mind using them up because although I love the prints, the fabric’s not very good quality. (Does it sound like I’m saying I wouldn’t use quality fabrics for a project with my kids? Hmmmm.)

Mabel had been trying to figure out how to piece or applique, but since I was working on the other kids’ quilts I couldn’t help her much, and after a lot of frustration she eventually settled on a small design of a square on top of a square. She also mentioned several times that she didn’t like quilting. But this morning after I finished Rose’s quilt, I suggested Mabel go back to a heart design she’d wanted to try earlier, and I taught her how to do hand appliqué. It looks like she’ll be very good at it. (I’ll post her potholder-sized quilt later, when she finishes it.)

The red fabric with the little dogs that Rose chose is a Japanese print. It looks like Rose’s quilt might not get shared with her stuffed animals.

Anyway, this morning Rose, Henry, and Hazel are a little tired and grumpy, but they’ve been thoroughly enjoying their little quilts–so I’ve decided this was a successful summer activity, after all.


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One Response to Summer sewing with kids

  1. Virginia Wood says:

    Wonderful! Tell Mabel that in spite of the squabbling, she will someday look back on this memory with a little tug at her heart. Baby Dorothy (16 mos) is here with her Mom and Dad. I watch her dance, and play with her baby doll and I see Sarah all over again. Childhood!

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