Polka dots and pockets

For my Mother’s Day gift this year I asked for a full day off, and spent it sewing. I started this top for Hazel then, and finally got around to finishing it this weekend.

It’s from Ottobre Design magazine, 6/2009 design 9. I made several small changes–a buttonhole placket instead of a zipper, piping on the yoke, trim on the pockets, and a bias tape casing on the inside of the sleeves for the elastic. (Mom, thanks for the Darr piping ruler you got me for my birthday a while ago! I’ve been using it a lot, and it’s great.)

I think the yoke fabric might have been some that was passed along from my mom’s stash–in which case it’s authentically “vintage.”

When I took photos this morning, I’d already talked Rose into wearing another Ottobre top I made a few years ago, and then I noticed the other kids all coordinated with each other, too (except Mabel, who was sleeping in, since she stayed up to keep me company while I sewed last night). So I made them be in the photos, too.

Hazel, Rose, Henry, and Isaac

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2 Responses to Polka dots and pockets

  1. Karen Baird says:

    So, where is Mabel???????

    • zstitches says:

      She stayed up late keeping me company while I sewed, so she was still asleep. She wanted to know where she had been when she saw the photos, too. 🙂

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