(I apparently didn’t learn my lesson last week about how trying to write a quick blog post in the morning will make me late for church, because I have my fingers crossed that I can somehow beat the odds this time.)

I slept in this morning (bliss) and woke up to see this series of signs leading to the girls’ bedroom:

When I saw the first sign, I asked Rose, “You have a mini choir?”

She looked abashed and said, “No.”

“You have five signs, but no choir?”

“Okay! But we’re just waiting for one big stinker–Isaac.”

I just checked with Isaac, and apparently he was needed as an audience member before the show could go on. I guess as soon as I’m done here I’d better summon the troops and find out just what this mini choir is. Oh–it sounds like the show’s starting right now.

I’m back. That. Was. Awesome. Video will follow. Here are the rest of the signs and some pictures of the kids, first:

The above signs were all made by Rose. The next two were made by Henry:

I asked Henry, “So, can you tell me what this means?”

“You mean ‘Hop, hop, hop, wee?’ I just did that for fun. And then I said, ‘tiine,’ because it’s a tiny choir. And then I did a smiley face and then three arrows. Okay, can I go now?”

At the performance, I asked Rose, “Where should I sit?” and she said, “Didn’t you read the sign?” (I sat on Mabel’s bed, next to Isaac. Mabel sat on Hazel’s bed, and Dean sat on a stepladder behind the flower rug.)

When I took these pictures, I tried to repress the kids by asking them for “normal smiles,” but they proved to be as irrepressible as ever.

Watch this space for the video of the performance. I figured out how to upload videos once before, but the last time I tried, it didn’t work, so I need Dean’s help. But it will be worth the wait–at least for the grandparents. Oh, and since Isaac didn’t make it into this post yet, here’s one of him after he got back from his pioneer trek reenactment on Friday evening.

Update: Here’s the video. The second song is Rose’s original composition. Sorry about the noisy hum my camera makes in the background (sigh).

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16 Responses to HOP’HOP’HOP’WEE

  1. elkmeadow says:

    What wonderful pictures of our amazing grandkids and their antics! They must be practicing to sing together like their harmonious parents and aunts and uncles. Wish we’d been there to see the performance. Thank you for your entertaining report.

  2. NotMolly says:

    Wait a minute: how can it be a performance without little tickets that you have to buy for a penny or a nickel, and that tend to use up half a ream of paper and leave snippets all over the house? Did your kids install some sort of on-line debit-card ticketing? Because my house would be tidier if mine would. Tickets for these sorts of shows are Very, Very Expensive and Important.

  3. NotMolly says:

    I love the Little Leprechaun song. A LOT.

  4. Liz says:

    Awesome! (I learned tat word from my Young Women.). Your children are actually funny and sweet and wonderful. And tell Rose that I loved her “cut” cues.

  5. Nae says:

    I agree, Rose is quite the conductor. 🙂 Rich and I hope that our kids will be so creative. Did your kids come that way because you and Dean are creative? Or did you infuse them with creativity somehow? 🙂

  6. I love Rose’s confidence in directing the miny choir and I love the miny choir and I love the audience.

  7. Rachel Matta says:

    What a well-rehearsed performance! Amazing what a mini choir can do. Also, completely tangentially, love that bench seat in the window.

  8. Acheté says:

    There lies the mini-choir of justice.

  9. Aunt Ginger says:

    Well, Henry can carry a tune, too! What a nice family event. Will they take their show on the road, I wonder! Hope it comes to Washington, D.C. soon.

  10. Alexis, almost 6, says that she wishes she had her to teach her those songs.

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