Summer dreams

The kids got their lunch while I was exercising downstairs, and then I was checking email. I noticed things had gotten a little quiet, and came upstairs and found this:

Dean and I just replaced our mattress and this is our old waterbed mattress, with the water tubes removed. The kids have been using it as extra living room furniture until it gets taken to the dump. I guess having it there inspired the kids. (I’ll bet this was Mabel’s idea; she’s been on a campaign to get the kids to set healthy goals, such as only one treat a day and only using half of their daily hour of screen time.) I saw Mabel’s eyelids flutter, but I don’t know if she was half-awake or just dreaming. I’m sure the other three kids are sound asleep, since none of them could fake holding still this long. Dean’s at work and Isaac’s gone on a church youth activity, so my house is completely quiet.

We did go swimming this morning, and have had quite a few late nights recently.  Still, I’m a little astonished. I’m not sure how to celebrate the occasion. Maybe I’ll take a nap, too.

Update: Mabel just woke up, and she says what actually happened was that Henry was cold, and lying on the mattress, so they wrapped him up in a blanket, and then Rosie wanted to be wrapped up, so they just made a bed for all of them, and then they fell asleep.

2nd update: They only stayed asleep long enough for me to take a shower. Still, it was lovely while it lasted. And they woke up cheerful.

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12 Responses to Summer dreams

  1. Heather says:

    seriously, so awesome. I daydream of things like that happening.

  2. Virginia Wood says:

    Your post is incorrectly titled. It should have read, “EVERY MOTHER’S DREAM!”

    Aunt Ginger

  3. Lili says:

    That. is. awesome.

  4. Acheté says:

    Children (especially yours) are beautiful even when they are not sleeping. But.

  5. betsyhuntington says:

    What a picture. What a story. Wondrous.
    Hey, do you want to take a box spring (I think it’s fairly light-weight) to the dump for me while you’re at it? Or you could keep it for your kids to invent some use for…. (J/k about that last part.) (Although knowing them they probably would invent some use for it.) (Btw, about that tube I offered you–Spike would probably love it.) (Btw, I am a cruel mother.)

  6. Rachel Matta says:

    SO nice. Really sweet kids, and a shower always feels so luxurious. It shouldn’t, maybe, but it does. When my kids find a bed empty, usually they either play “catfish”, which consists of them taking turns falling like felled trees while the other yells “Catfish!” (I don’t know why), or one of them pretending to sleep while the other sings “Twinkle, twinkle” softly, once, and then yells, “Wake UP!”

  7. Jillybean says:

    Eventually, they will all be old enough to want to take a nap every day, especially when you want them to be doing stuff like mowing the lawn, washing dishes, etc……..

    Trust me on this one, I speak from experience.

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah, Rose (the 8-year-old) has tried asking for naps instead of chores. Sometimes she changes her mind when I say she can have the nap only after she finishes her chores.

      • Virginia Wood says:

        A dear friend, Pam Knudson, says her mother would always give them a pass from chores (like doing dishes) if they were reading. SERIOUSLY!??? Are you kidding me? She said they all always had their noses in books, and mom always did the chores. No surprise there!

  8. Karen Baird says:

    So cute. Aren’t children the best gifts ever!!!!

  9. Hannah Holt says:

    Waking up cheerful is half the battle. So darling!

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