The world through Rose glasses

My friend’s husband teaches Rose’s church Primary class, and he has started collecting what he calls “Rose-isms.” These are the most recent two:

He held up a picture of a boy getting ready to pray, and asked what the boy looked like he was doing. Rose said, “His eyes look crazy. He looks like he’s thinking about killing us all.”

They were talking about reverence and what we do at home to be reverent. Rose said, “At my house, I have to work ALL DAY LONG. And then someone knocks on the door, and I have to hurry and get dressed and act like everything’s fine.”

And here’s another story told me by a friend who’s in Primary. During Sharing Time, the teacher asked the kids, “When someone receives a priesthood blessing, why do the men put their hands on the person’s head?”

Rose answered, “So they don’t get away.”

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6 Responses to The world through Rose glasses

  1. Jillybean says:

    So tell me, how do I get my kids to work all day long then pretend like everything is fine when someone comes to the door?


  2. the MomB says:

    I really can NOT stop laughing.

  3. Trina says:

    I was trying to read these aloud to Guy but couldn’t get through them for laughing/crying! Maybe “Rose-isms” can become a regular blog feature!

  4. Jen says:


  5. Nae says:

    Richard would come home from church and tell me the Roseisms that he collected that day. We’ve got a list of them now, and we even pull them out and use them on each other when we need a laugh. Your children are fantastic! 🙂

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