Also the talent of wit

Every time I’ve told this story to anyone in real life (and since it happened a couple of weeks ago, I’ve told it quite a lot) people have either appeared genuinely shocked, or just didn’t seem to find it funny. But it made me laugh really hard, AND Dean’s been reminding me to post it, so I am. (I was surprised Dean wanted me to post it; I guess we’ve come a long way since the days when he used to be scandalized by things I would say on this blog.)

Okay. So. We were talking about talents, and I said to Rose, “I think one of your talents is being really aware of what’s going on in social situations, and of really understanding how people are feeling.”

Rose said, “Yeah, I understand how Maddie feels when I say ‘Get your stinkin’ butt over here!'”

Rose at her 2nd grade end-of-year concert, as a very innocent-looking dog.

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2 Responses to Also the talent of wit

  1. Virginia Wood says:

    Oh Zina. You have a whole lifetime of laughter ahead of you when it comes to Rose! I’m sure you already know that.

    Aunt Ginger

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