I’m back! Sort of.

My internet connection’s been down for almost two weeks. (Believe me that you don’t want to hear the tedious details of that story.) And now I’m back! With much more to catch up on than I have any inclination to try!

But here are a couple photos of my girls when we wandered over to H&M at City Creek between my sister’s wedding and reception in Salt Lake last Friday. Mabel didn’t think we should go to a mall, and even after I pointed out that it’s not breaking the Sabbath to shop on a Friday, she still didn’t think we should go in church clothes. But as you can see, she quickly warmed to the idea:

The night before the wedding, Hazel had been complaining that her stomach hurt, but the next morning we were able to deduce that she had actually hurt her hip while jumping on the trampoline. She wouldn’t walk, but since her pain didn’t seem too intense, and we didn’t have time to get her x-rayed before the wedding, we just brought a stroller and had to wheel her around or carry her all day. (Fortunately, after a couple more days of limping, by today she’s walking normally.)

Some more H&M antics:

And here’s one photo of the beautiful bride, my sister Lili, surrounded by nieces and nephews:

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5 Responses to I’m back! Sort of.

  1. Karen Baird says:

    Aha! The girls have Mabel’s eyes. Such cute pictures. You have the darlingest family ever. Sure glad I got to know them. As you know, I LOVE Mabel. You are obviously great parents. Just want you to know how lovely she is in the dressing room, how conscientious she is, how darling she is in the green room, how sweet she is to everyone, AND she is so smart!!!! Friends who came to the show last night commented to me how gracious Mabel was in the greeting line after the show. You should be very proud. You have a lovely daughter!!!! And TALENTED !!!!!!!

    • zstitches says:

      Thank you so much, Karen. I’ve heard lots of comments on what a great job you do in the show, too. And we’ve enjoyed getting to know lots of new people through Mabel.

  2. Nae says:

    What great pictures! And those poses make me want to explore City Creek even more than I already do. Sarah and I are trying to convince my mom that we need a girls’ outing in Salt Lake for a day with no brothers/uncles/husbands. Just Grandma/mom, Sisters/aunt, and daughters.

  3. Nae says:

    Heh, heh. I just read what I wrote, and it doesn’t make much sense. So I guess this comment is me, laughing out loud at myself on your blog. Maybe this is why I don’t comment often. 🙂

    • zstitches says:

      It made perfect sense to me! 🙂

      (You were saying that you want to run up the down escalator with your sisters at H&M while wearing a dress, right?)

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