Not for lack of things to talk about

So, maybe I will blog again someday. A higher priority, though, is trying to get into my sewing room and maybe, possibly, even finish the dress I started for Mabel last year, that I made progress on three weeks ago and haven’t touched since.

I just hit “shift-enter” to start this new paragraph. That may give you a hint as to where I’ve been spending my online time. (Facebook.)

Meanwhile, in the last month-and-a-half my family’s had: Hazel’s, Rose’s, and Mabel’s birthdays, lots of soccer for Rose, lots of play practices for Mabel, the regional science fair for Mabel, “Images of Greatness” history night at school for Mabel, Storytelling Festival tryouts for Rose and Mabel, Storytelling Festival callbacks for Mabel, a Shakespeare scene Mabel and her friend performed at school, junior high immunizations for Mabel and doctor visits for her and Rose, junior high and high school orientations and registration for Ike and Mabel, physical therapy for my wrist three times a week, a church mother/daughter activity and talent show for me and Mabel (we sang a duet of a primary song), a Young Women New Beginnings night for Mabel, a Boy Scout Court of Honor for Isaac, a week-long professional conference in California for Dean (and a week of solo parenting for me), a choir concert and a couple of choir festivals for Isaac, weekly gymnastics for Henry, a trip to urgent care for a strep culture for Henry (it was negative), LDS General Conference–and probably some other things I’m forgetting.

It’s mostly agreeable stuff, just a lot of being busy. I don’t like being busy (I can entertain myself very well at home) and if I could figure out a way for my kids to have the same opportunities without any of us ever having to leave home, I would love that. But I’m really trying to take one thing at a time and enjoy things as they happen. And I’m somewhat succeeding at this effort (off and on, with lots of lapses). And, as I said, someday I will probably blog again. Actually, I hope it will be soon. This weekend is Rose’s baptism, Easter, and my turn in my new church calling of teaching the Sunday School Gospel Doctrine class once a month–but after that it’s Spring Break, and nothing really big going on that I can think of, other than Mabel’s play opening.

In the meanwhile, I did put up a new blog banner. So . . . hooray.

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4 Responses to Not for lack of things to talk about

  1. Jason says:

    How I would enjoy being a student in a GD class you taught.

  2. betsyhuntington says:

    Your new banner is pretty. It’s a pretty picture of some of the pretty Easter eggs you’ve decorated and hung on pretty branches.

  3. Jbug says:

    Yep, you certainly aren’t lacking things to talk about.

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