Seasons go ’round

(Oh, look–I still have a blog.)

This is another old sewing project of mine that’s getting fresh use on Hazel:

I did have one problem with this over-sized honeycomb smocking, which was that the pearl cotton thread was too large and made holes in the fabric. So this top has had to have several repairs over the years. Now it is holding up pretty well, though, and I’d love to try this technique again with slightly smaller thread and spacing.

As you can see, it’s been a rough week for Hazel, or anyway for Hazel’s face. The scrape on the bridge of her nose, her skinned forehead, skinned nose, and sore thumb were acquired in three separate incidents. (Maybe that will teach her not to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful spring weather.)

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2 Responses to Seasons go ’round

  1. Monica smith says:

    thanks for you information back in July about circle skirts. you saved my bacon! the pattern Simplicity 2356 and the reviewers in pattern review omitted the clipping detail. And in a senior moment I thought well may be they have allowed ofr it. . last time I sew with satin.

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