Dean was at a conference from last Sunday through late Thursday night, and I held down the fort here. (As usual, it took strenuous effort to keep the fort from blowing away. Or blowing up.) Then Friday evening Dean put the kids in the car and took them to St. George, Utah to hear our nephew’s last talk in his ward before his church mission. Mabel had rehearsals this weekend, so I stayed here with her, and we had a nice mother/daughter weekend. (That’s why I was able to find time to sew yesterday–such a treat.) And tonight Dean came home and brought me these kid quotes:

During driving:
Hazel: “My leg is happy.”
Dean: “Why is it happy?”
Hazel: “Because I’m not hurting it now.”

Hazel: “There are no alligators, dragons, or dinosaurs, right?”
Dean: (pause) “That’s right.”

In the hotel room:
Rose: “We’re not bouncing off the walls.”
Isaac: “Yes, you are.  It’s a figure of speech.”

At the hotel breakfast:
Rose: “Hey–we’re having Dads and Muffins.”
Hazel: “I want Dads and Muffins!”

Sunday morning:
Hazel: “Where are we going?”
Dean: “We’re going to church.”
Hazel: “I hate church!” (pause) “FINE! I love church!”

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4 Responses to Fine!

  1. the MomB says:

    Re Hazel’s last reported “incident”: Are you sure this child is just 3 years old?
    And lol to them all.

  2. NotMolly says:

    Thus proving the Spirit sometimes jabs a kid in the ribs, even if that kids is kind of little.

  3. Acheté says:

    Love these. Of course.

  4. Jbug says:

    🙂 Love.

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