In Like a Lion

My crocuses bloomed on Leap Day, and survived last night’s snowstorm.

Hazel’s been carrying around a toy piano that plays one jangly note when you press its key. She was calling it her baby piano, and our full-sized keyboard the daddy piano.

She still takes a nap most days, and sometimes she’ll sleep for a long time, but others she’ll just play in her room. I don’t care whether she sleeps or not; as long as she stays in her room it’s still a rest for me. But I’ve had to train myself that when I hear her shouting, “Mom!” more often than not she’s just acting out a family drama with her toys.

It’s Dr. Seuss’s birthday today. Henry said, “Guess who we had in our class? Thing One and Thing Two! But they weren’t the real Thing One and Thing Two. They were just kids dressed up as Thing One and Thing Two. We only had one Thing One, but we had a lot of Thing Twos.”

Henry just showed me his drawing of a really hard level of Angry Birds.

At school in her free time, Rose has been working on creating a comic with her friend J. From what I can tell, they collaborate on the story, and then Rose does all the writing and drawing. Yesterday she told me she’s so excited about the comic that she wished she were at school and could just get it out of her desk and start working on it. She added, “And when I’m a grownup I want to sell it. And by then it will be straight. And correct. I already know at least one mistake–I don’t think there’s a ‘w’ at the end of ‘hello.'”

Rose and Mabel matched the other day, so I asked Dean to take a picture.

Mabel got the part of Mary Lennox in a local community theater’s production of The Secret Garden. She’s double-cast, but since the show has a long run she’ll still have to perform the show about 25 times. She has quite a bit of experience performing, but this is her first time to be in a play. We’re thrilled for her–a huge number of girls tried out, so it was quite a coup to be one of the two girls cast. And we’re also overwhelmed by her intense rehearsal schedule. She rehearses almost every weeknight, sometimes for three hours, and on Saturdays anywhere from 2 to 6 hours, until the play opens in mid-April; then she’ll perform every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and on alternating Saturday matinees, until the play closes at the beginning of June.

My brother Tracy helped her practice her part on Sunday. My sister Mary and brother Spencer have also helped her prepare for auditions and learn the music.

The night before the audition, I was chatting online with Spencer–who’s a real photographer, with a real camera. (We actually have several real photographers with good cameras in Dean’s and my immediate families–but we’re terrible at scheduling time for them to photograph us.) I was telling Spen about our not-so-successful attempts to take a head shot of Mabel, and he offered to come get pics of her the next morning before school. Since she has school at 8 AM, he came at 7, and since it was still dark out he took her to the local fitness center–and proceeded to get lots of great shots. He even went to Costco and had prints made. Thanks so much, Spen.

Isaac likes to run to and from school–he started doing that when he started 7th grade and found walking to be a little slower than he liked. And Isaac’s Sunday school teacher lives on his route, so apparently last year he started waving at her house every day on his way home. I didn’t know about this little tradition until one of her kids recently told me about it. His Sunday School teacher’s never been in the front room at the right time to see Isaac wave, but her kids watch for it. When I asked him about it, Isaac said that her kids even noticed when one day he forgot to wave.

I was just looking for a photo of Ike for this post, and discovered I haven’t taken a single photo of him yet this year. Such a shame, since he’s getting more and more handsome every day. I’ll have to do better. (We might also have some photos on Dean’s camera that I haven’t uploaded yet.) Anyway, here’s a photo of Ike at our newly-adopted nephew’s temple sealing to his parents at the end of December. (Aha! I just remembered the sealing was a couple days after I broke my wrist and had surgery–I was still too laid-up to attend the sealing–and my wrist convalescence at least partly explains why I’ve been less photo-happy than usual these last several weeks.)

Speaking of my wrist, I started physical therapy last week. I have stiff scar tissue adhesions (my skin is stuck to the bone) and a lot of mobility to regain still. My physical therapist is excellent–and when he manipulates my wrist, it hurts like the devil.

I went in early this morning for physical therapy so Dean could watch the kids while I was gone. When I got home the kids had just left for school, and I realized I hadn’t been here to help the kids dress and do their hair Seuss-like. But Mabel’s class didn’t dress up, Henry wore his Angry Birds pajamas since his class was also having a pajama day, and Rose just got home and told me she’d managed without me: she wore a leprechaun hat and told everyone she was the Cat In the Hat’s wife.

Whew! When I started this blog post, I had no idea it would be such a long one. I guess it’s a week’s worth (or more) for a busy family. One more quick story: Mabel will be in 7th grade next year, and her class visited the junior high for an orientation today. Isaac, who’s in 9th grade, had helped make a class video to advertise for French class. He had told me a little about the video, which was almost entirely silly (and had not much to do with the benefits of speaking French). Well, Mabel says the video was a complete hit–to the extent that she’s worried she won’t be able to get into French class, since now all her friends want to take French. Isaac was happy to hear it was such a hit. He says he was backstage when they were playing the video, so he couldn’t watch it but could hear lots of laughter.

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7 Responses to In Like a Lion

  1. Ike says:

    Actually, I was behind the Drama department’s rather large set- I was also performing in the choir, and we were waiting behind it for various reasons.

  2. Jason says:

    More delights; thx!

  3. the MomB says:

    In like a lion–that’s exactly what I thought with yesterday’s weather. And it describes your current family schedule too.
    I loved every bit of this post and was nearly overwhelmed with the many glories it contains. Yes, more photos of Ike. The one here at first glance looks as though he is wearing a strange yarmulke, has bed head, or got a fine big goose egg. I vote for at least one picture of him dancing. How ’bout it, Isaac?

    • zstitches says:

      There, I fixed it–I cropped the yarmulke out of Ike’s photo.

      I don’t know why you want to make Isaac dance for the blog. 🙂 But I could get a photo of him planking, or letting Henry and Hazel hang on his calves as he lifts his feet.

  4. Hannah Holt says:

    I so wish we could see Mabel in her production. Is there any chance you could video tape parts and put them on YouTube? (All your kids are so talented and cute!)

    • zstitches says:

      I’ll have to find out what we can do. It’s too small a theater to sneak a camera into a performance, but perhaps they’d let us tape part of a dress rehearsal, or if they make a video themselves, we could try to get a copy.

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