Santa Valentine Sack

This was Rose’s concept for her valentine envelope for school, and I helped her put it together. The rest of our family wasn’t sure holidays should mix like this, but she felt confident in her artistic vision.

I can’t remember why she’s punching Santa–I think she said something about how he stole her valentines.

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11 Responses to Santa Valentine Sack

  1. Jbug says:

    Well, of course Christmas and Valentine’s Day mix! Do you have a clue how many kids love Santa? (Yes, that includes me)

  2. Betsy Croft says:

    I think this is awesome. Tell Rose I love her idea.

  3. the MomB says:

    I meant–I agree with Cousin Betsy!

  4. Jessica G. says:

    Hey, at least everyone will know which one is hers! My daughter told me last night that she needed a Valentine’s box for today. And since she’s girly but still likes to look for bugs, we made her a pink monster. With vampire fangs.

  5. Jbug says:

    Zuzu came home with a box and told my mom, ” I want you to make this a yellow submarine. Like the Beatles.” I love her ideas.

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