Great minds

For school, Mabel’s supposed to memorize a 14-line Shakespeare monologue, and perform it with a costume and at least one prop. Last night Mabel and I were talking about how she didn’t have anything Shakespearean to wear, and how it’s frustrating how the school just assumes it will be easy for families to throw costumes together, when for us it’s really not.

This morning I was upstairs, and overheard Mabel saying something to Dean about her monologue. I came to the top of the stairs and said, “I just got a good idea, Mabel–”

Mabel interrupted me. “I was just telling Dad I could be Titania–the fairy queen–and I could wear my Halloween dress with all the flowers on it, and a pair of our fairy wings–”

“That’s exactly what I was just going to suggest.”

Now if she could just bring her little sister as a prop.

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5 Responses to Great minds

  1. Jbug says:

    Which monologue did she do? (Too bad she brought tea dishes instead of Hazel. Hazel is the cutest prop ever.)

    • zstitches says:

      The teacup and saucer were for a scene she’ll be acting out with her friend M.–they’ve practiced but not performed it yet. The monologue will be later. I think the scene with M. is from the Merchant of Venice.

  2. the MomB says:

    Hazel IS the cutest prop ever.
    Every time I ask Mabel about school she talks enthusiastically about Shakespeare. A teacher who can generate a love of Shakespeare in 6th graders is a marvel, and there seem to be several of them in this Alpine School District. There’s so much about Shakespeare that SHOULD appeal to young people, but it is not usually taught that way–in fact, quite the opposite. It’s hard to believe how much the district has changed for the better since you and your siblings were children, Zina.

  3. the MomB says:

    Oh dang, I attached this to the wrong post. Can you remove it from from “slap-happy”, Z?
    Cousin Daniel’s recent post on fb seemed appropriate (ignore the fake cigarette):

    Of course as Mabel very well knows, there really weren’t Americans as such in Shakespeare’s time, but this is funny anyway. Poetic license and all….

    • zstitches says:

      Funny–I saw this on someone else’s fb page yesterday and bookmarked it to show the kids today (although I haven’t yet–been napping all afternoon, much-needed apparently).

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