Old blog, new tricks

It wasn’t even a New Year resolution, but I just finally learned how to edit and upload video to YouTube so I can link to it from here. Mabel was having Dean help her with a video and I watched what he did.

Here’s Mabel’s video from today:

And here’s Hazel’s holiday greeting to you:

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8 Responses to Old blog, new tricks

  1. Acheté says:

    I had to watch them both again. That may happen more than once.

  2. Jillybean says:

    And a happy new ear to you too!

    My kids think she should be in a Kid History video.

  3. Jennette says:

    So Cute! My Saul wanted to watch it over and over. I need a new year’s resolution on how to edit/post vids….can Dean come to our house and I can watch? Feel better soon!

  4. Rachel Matta says:

    I like the happy new ear too, and the part where Hazel wants to climb in the washing machine/dryer…”now I’m going in here…” (cut!)

  5. Mrs. Organic says:

    She has to be the cutest vlogger ever.

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