Posted from Isaac’s laptop. Which I’m using without even a mouse (Dean needs an extra mouse)

You might think I haven’t been online much this week because I’m busy being Santa’s helper, and you’d be right, but . . .

it’s also because yesterday our hard drive crashed.

So far Dean’s worked on it all night, all day, and headed into another night. (He can take time off work when students aren’t in classes, but he does have a lot to do at work that he’ll have to catch up on.) First he was trying to restore everything since our last backup six weeks ago, which was actually quite a lot to lose–schoolwork of Mabel’s, projects of mine, and all our email (yes I still don’t use Gmail, and I actually have a sort of good reason, but I don’t want to talk about that right now) and I had even spent several hours a couple weeks ago weeding and organizing 10 years’ worth of sewing supply bookmarks.

Anyway, everything he tried to get that stuff back failed. So then he bought a new hard drive and tried to restore the stuff from before our last backup. And that failed. And now he’s trying to install Windows 7, and even that won’t work.

The irony is that since it’s been years and years since we truly started fresh with our computer, and since the computer’s been buggy and probably had lots of junk on it, I had asked for a clean re-install for Christmas–but I had asked Dean to wait until after Christmas, since I knew it would take a lot of time, and I needed his help with other things first.

Say a little prayer for me that at least our November 1st backup will eventually be able to be restored.  I’m sad to lose six weeks of stuff, but would get over that more easily than if we lost all our Halloween photos, etc.

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4 Responses to Posted from Isaac’s laptop. Which I’m using without even a mouse (Dean needs an extra mouse)

  1. the MomB says:

    I am just so very sad about this.

  2. Jason says:

    I’ll say the prayer you asked for, but I might have to wait until I feel less sorry for the prayer to be focused.

    Not to belittle Dean’s probable prowess, but there are people who specialize in data recovery…

    • zstitches says:

      The last time we nearly lost everything in a hard drive crash, the $50/hour pros couldn’t fix it, but Dean did. I’d gladly hand it off to professionals but I think Dean might actually be better at this. Unfortunately. He really does have to go to work today, and I’ll be tasked with trying to keep the kids away from the dismantled computer.

      • Jason says:

        Ugh. I’ve got seven years of data on the hard disk from my prior laptop. Fortunately, I have one of those doohickeys that lets me access the data–as if it were an external drive–via a USB cable.

        I guess it’s like diets and cold remedies: when people see your need, they just have to offer a solution.

        Again, prayers. 🙂

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