Shrinky-dink flower earrings

I’ve been dying to play with shrink plastic ever since I saw this link on Pinterest, as well as the things my sister Lili’s been making for her Etsy shop. (If you see something you want  in a different size, send Lili a message and she’ll make it for you–and she also has more stock she hasn’t had a chance to list yet.)

Here’s the photo from the tutorial I linked above:

The instructions were excellent and everything worked just as she said. You really do have to make the flowers one at a time, or two at the most. I tried to speed things up and ended up with several flat flowers. But the flowers really do only take about 20-30 seconds each. (I need to find a smaller-ended paintbrush, because even my cupped flowers are only slightly cupped.)

I discovered the window on my oven badly needs to be cleaned.

You’ll need beginning jewelery making skills. (This is one time I’m grateful for something I learned at a Relief Society Super Saturday.)

I used a semi-opaque shrink film, a five-petal flower, and colored the film with a Sharpie after lightly sanding it. It helps to have a skewer or craft stick to hold the flower or leaf in place while coloring. (I discovered this after coloring my fingers.) Oh, and I didn’t have a scalloped circle punch so I just free-handed the leaves and left the edges smooth. My mom has MANY craft punches, so I can’t wait to play with them and experiment with other colors and with clear shrink film. I kind of wished I had colored the backs of my flowers, but they’re okay this way.

You won’t be able to make the bend in the wire close enough to a flat flower to make it face forward (rather than dangling downward) unless you make the bend in the wire before adding the bead. But a seed bead won’t pass over a bent wire easily, so first put on the seed bead (I only used one for my flat flowers) then make a bend very close to the bead, then put the flower on.

For the longer earrings with the flat beads, I made a loop in front to hang my leaf on.

By the time you gather all the supplies, these are probably not much cheaper than comparable things at Claire’s or Icing–but it’s a lot of fun to design the beads yourself. And since you usually have to buy quite a few findings at once, you save more if you make a lot of them.

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5 Responses to Shrinky-dink flower earrings

  1. Jason says:


    Mom and I used to make shrinky-dink medallions using the lids from plastic deli containers.

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah, apparently it just has to be #6 plastic, like the clamshell ones. I want to try that, too. And I have some printable stuff I bought years ago (if I can find it) that would be fun to play with.

  2. the MomB says:

    These are so pretty. And so much fun.

    Jason, it is so easy to understand why Mom was such a pack-rat, isn’t it? She saw potential in everything. All those aerosol can lids! All those styrofoam meat trays! All that stuff… She made wonderful things from some of her “junk”–but then there were also things like those horrible painted and “antiqued” whatever-they-weres made from glued-together glass jars and plates. Anyway I feel far more sympathetic to her collecting mania now than I was wise enough to understand back then (especially realizing as I do now that she had OCD). A lot of that stuff actually did get used, and who cares that not all of it did? She was just amazingly creative and it’s one of the major sources of her grandchildren’s and great-grandchildren’s marvelous
    creativity. It makes me happy.

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  4. Mimi Hanna says:

    Some of my earlier punches..from years ago…do not work…not sure why..the newer
    ones work far thing to do with Shrinky Dink…love the little cluster flowers!

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