The world when you’re two

I was amazed at how much my three youngest enjoyed the treat bags they got at The Carving on Saturday night. That night they started cataloging them, were loth to set them aside in order to go to bed, and early this morning were back at it, applying temporary tattoos, swapping candy, and discovering that the plastic spider rings could be parents to the smaller plastic spiders. (They eagerly accepted my offer to trim the ring part from the larger spiders, for a more realistic spider-family effect.)

I told Dean, “I wouldn’t have guessed how much the kids would love those treat bags. And they’re educational–I just heard Henry trying to teach Hazel about saving candy for later.”

Just at that moment Hazel walked into the room and said, “No! I don’t eat candy tomorrow! I eat candy today!”

(Image from here)

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One Response to The world when you’re two

  1. hannah says:

    Sounds like you had a fun Halloween. PS- I eat candy today AND tomorrow.

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