Carving pumpkins is grueling

I do love the creativity of carving Jack O’ Lanterns. But when I’ve already spent the last 2 days sewing, including stitching probably seventy silk flowers onto the skirt of a dress (photos to follow in a couple of days) pumpkin carving is almost the straw to break my . . . hands.

BUT! My sister and brother-in-law’s fabulous carving party was tonight, and for the first time in years, thanks to Pinterest, I already had a concept in mind.

Here was my inspiration:


And here’s my version:

My sister Lili helped me with the final details after my hands gave out. Thanks, Lili!

Speaking of Lili, she and her boyfriend carved huge monster pumpkins his dad grew. They’re in the upper left of the photo below. I don’t think this photo quite shows just how beautifully enormous his Jack O’ Lantern is.

Rose’s moon-and-stars

Henry’s “eyeball;” Isaac’s Minecraft tools

Dean’s abstract geometric

I don’t know why Dean carved such a sad little sun onto Hazel’s pumpkin–but she didn’t seem to mind. (She was much, much too excited about the contents of her treat bag to be sad about anything. “Crayons! My own crayons!”)

Mabel’s elegant tree

Thanks, Mary and Peter, for putting on such a great party so we could wear our fingers to the bone exercise our creativity!

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6 Responses to Carving pumpkins is grueling

  1. Virginia Wood says:

    Terrific! Amazing carvings. Such a fun party idea!

    Aunt Ginger

  2. the MomB says:

    It was so much very much fun. The JOLs were all splendid. Everything was splendid.
    p.s. After you said pumpkin carving is grueling, I thought, yes, and M&P made such delicious pumpkin-chili gruel.

  3. Jennette says:

    I feel for you on the pumpkin carving thing. It is always the last straw for me….and I never sew a stitch! This year we didn’t get one pumpkin carved, but after seeing the results of yours at the carving party, I’m regretting that somewhat. What a great display–well done all!

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