Simple t-shirt refashion–narrower shoulders

This didn’t go quite as quickly as I’d have liked, mainly because I started with one idea in mind and switched to something else, but if I were to do it again it would go faster.

Initially I wanted to alter this into a more fitted, dressy tee, with maybe some ruffles or flowers on it, but in the end I decided I would have needed more fabric to work with to really change the look enough. But I could use more loose, casual tees anyway.

Before: Here’s an unaltered tee in a different color (pictured above). I’ve gotten pretty good at taking photos of myself in the mirror. (Notice I didn’t say good photos.)

I cut off the sleeves and the neckline ribbing. Then I tapered the armhole seam in about 2″ closer to the neckline on each side. I resewed the shoulder seams 2″ down from where they had been–which was what was needed for the sleeves to fit back on. Then I sewed everything back together. (I had to do the armhole seams twice, since the first time I hadn’t noticed Hazel had changed all the settings on my serger. A two-year-old who loves a serger is a dangerous thing.)


I know it’s hard to see much in these dark photos, but in person I think the altered pink tee fits quite a bit better than the white one. The angle of the armhole seam is a little sharp, and in the photos the neckline looks a little high, like it’s causing the shirt to pucker around it, but in life I think that’s less noticeable.

I do want to try a dressier tee some time soon, but at least this was a good refresher course on threading my serger. (I used a 4-thread overlock for the seams, and a 2-thread chain stitch to topstitch around the neckline.)

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