A sunbeam for me

The other day Hazel was telling me, “Mom, here’s your sunbeam. I’ve got a sunbeam for you!” (The sunbeam turned out to be a red Popsicle stick.)

Looking at this photo of me with Hazel made me wonder whether my years of raising babies has caused permanent damage to the cartilage in my nose. (If so, it’s worth it.)

For “crazy hair day” at Rose’s and Henry’s school, Rose didn’t want to do our fabulous bird’s nest idea from previous years because it itches, and kids are always grabbing the toy bird on her head. (Mabel’s school doesn’t do a crazy hair day, but we might do a bird’s nest in her hair for Pajama Day.) Instead Rose gave me instructions for “braidy braids”–braids made of braids. The flower hair clips were my idea (and they are only part of our collection) (yet we still sometimes can’t find one to match an outfit).

Henry’s hair didn’t end up looking all that crazy, but since he usually likes his hair combed flat, it seemed wild to him.
It would have been more effective if we could have reproduced Henry’s playground hairstyle.

The other day Mabel was saying how she dislikes being required to turn in rough drafts of all her writing assignments, since she prefers to write it right the first time. It’s especially annoying for short, easy writing assignments. And when she’s supposed to show her drafts to her teacher or classmates for suggestions, they never find anything that needs correcting.

So she’s come up with a solution: she puts several deliberate errors in her rough draft.

Isaac told Mabel that’s why he just doesn’t bother with turning in drafts. He told her, “You’re too OCD.” And I in turn told Isaac that just because he’s able to get good grades in spite of his rebellious ways doesn’t mean Mabel’s compliance with tedious school assignments is a psychological disorder.

We went to the park last Saturday, and it was a perfect midsummer October day.

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6 Responses to A sunbeam for me

  1. Mrs. Organic says:

    It’s like my husband’s grandpa (who was a builder) used to say: Always leave something for the inspector to find so they feel they’ve done their job.

  2. Kayli says:

    Awesome. The hairstyles, the cartilage, the rough drafts. I like your posts.

  3. Jason says:

    It’s a highlight of my day to see your kids pics and read about the day-to-day conversations. Thank you.

  4. the MomB says:

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyou thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthank……

  5. Mabel sounds exactly like I did as a kid. It took until college to find someone who could write and critique at the same level as me. (Sorry, that sounds so vain. But I’m trying to offer her hope. At some point, she’ll find a pool of equally talented writers and first drafts will actually be kind of fun because she’ll have somewhere to go from there.

    • zstitches says:

      I had ONE college professor who gave me really useful comments on my writing. I’m sure there were others who were capable of it, but only one who took the time. (And I never really had occasion to seek out fellow students for writing critiques.)

      I constantly revise even my blog posts, but I prefer to do it as I go than to finish and then go back. I think Mabel’s similar–she definitely cares about writing well, but at this stage she doesn’t need a rigid process for how to get from point A to point B.

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