If you haven’t got a ha’penny, then God bless you

Dean’s been out of town for a few days, and although I’ve held up bravely, I might be coming down with a flu. I told Mabel, “If I do get really sick, I’ll probably just have to send Ike on his bike to get you guys food at Wendy’s. Or you can all eat peanut-butter sandwiches and cold cereal for the rest of the week.”

“I like the idea better of sending Ike to Wendy’s–like olden times,” said Mabel. “It sounds more brave and adventurous.”

“Like the Boxcar Children?”

Mabel affected an old-fashioned accent. “Please, Sir, I have a penny I earned in the neighborhood. May I please have a hamburger? I’m living in a boxcar in the middle of the woods. I’m trying so hard to survive and care for my brothers and sisters! May I please have a hamburger, sir?”

Put ’em in a pumpkin shell

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7 Responses to If you haven’t got a ha’penny, then God bless you

  1. Jason says:

    Obligatory: “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    And now I have John Denver and Miss Piggy’s voice going through my head.

  3. Janae Stubbs says:

    Ha ha! I love that her idea of old-fashioned is Wendy’s. That just makes me happy.

  4. “Wendy’s – like olden times” – that’s priceless!

    My children look forward to when I travel, because it means they get to eat all the wonderful foods (like peanut butter, and cereal, and mac ‘n’ cheese, and cheese doodles) that I refuse to have in the house.

  5. Virginia Wood says:

    My children looked forward to when I traveled because then they might NOT have to eat all the peanut butter, cereal, and mac-n-cheese they usually had to eat 🙂

  6. Sue says:

    Any kid who references the Boxcar Children is pretty dang awesome.

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