I should hope so

Isaac told me, “I’ve started reading Little Women. It was another free download that came with my tablet. It’s pretty good.”

I answered, “Yeah, that’s a good book.”

“It has a very different tone from Dracula.”

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8 Responses to I should hope so

  1. jennie w. says:

    He’s got a future career as a literary critic, that’s for a sure.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Someday he and Maddie will have to spend more time together. She was just reading Dracula this weekend. While babysitting. Late at night. Freaked herself out completely when her mom called to check on her. If only I could get her to read Little Women!!

    • zstitches says:

      I never would have been able to get Ike to read Little Women–it took it being a free download on a new tablet. (His tablet is an off-brand iPad-like device he saved up his lawn-mowing money to buy. It’s not as slick as an iPad and not quite as good a reading device as a Kindle, but it was comparatively cheap, and can do enough that he’s happy with it.)

  3. I met your dad at the MTC yesterday! He is going to the same mission that my daughter did :). It was fun to talk to him.

    Cherie Hansen.

  4. Sue says:

    hahahahahahaha I love him.

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