This, that, and the other

Did you know I’ve written over 1300 posts here? Approximately 1285 are stories about funny things my kids said. I have seen people on the internet say they are bored by stories about other people’s cute kids, which I don’t understand at all, because I think my kids are endlessly entertaining. Oh, and sophisticated internet users are especially bored by kids’ drawings. But I love those, too. Especially my kids’ drawings. Because my kids are awesome. In case you hadn’t noticed.

I will endeavor to provide you with lots more amusing anecdotes, and possibly even more kid artwork! YAY! Kids are the best! You might find them boring! But you can click away! That’s the magic of the internet!

Also another thing I love is exclamation points. I like to use them as sarcasm emoticons.

Another thing you might not know about this blog is that I have a poor memory, so every 100th post I start over and repeat everything I said before, with slight variations on which kid said which funny thing. Fortunately your memory is poor enough not to notice. But I’ll bet this isn’t the first time I’ve called a post “This, that, and the other.” And it won’t be the last.

Henry was looking at a picture book with many illustrations of bugs for kids to count. He said, “I’m on Level 4!”

“Concentwate, Henry!” said Hazel.

A minute later Henry said, “Level 4 had a torn page, so I skipped Level 4. Now I’m on Level 5! I’m so lucky to be on Level 5!”

Henry asked me when we were going to move away from Utah to a different house. I started to explain that Daddy likes his job at BYU so we probably won’t move away from Utah for a really long time, but Henry interrupted me. “Actually I don’t want to move, because then we wouldn’t live near D. and B.!” Those are the initials of Henry’s friends who are twins. (Henry doesn’t call them by their initials, though–that’s just what I do here on the blog.) “No, wait,” he corrected himself again. “I DO want to move, because I don’t want to live near D. and B. I want to live next to them!”

Yesterday at church Rose pointed at the program and whispered, “Look, Mom! I see that you’re going to be singing.” I looked. The program said the Young Women were going to be singing. I said, “You mean because I’m a young woman?” She nodded. Hating to correct her, I said, “Actually when they say that, they mean teenagers.”

I LOVE ROSE. Even if she weren’t so flattering.

I gave Hazel a few Swedish Fish before I put her down for a nap this morning, and she was calling them tuna fish. I kind of hated to correct that one, too.

(Illustration from artist team Kozyndan)

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2 Responses to This, that, and the other

  1. Kayli says:

    I like your blog. 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    Plz keep the (delightful) stories coming.

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