Irrefutable logic

The kids were almost ready to leave for school when I noticed Ike was wearing the same shirt as yesterday. His preference during the summer (when we leave him alone about it) is to wear one shirt until it’s dirty. I said, “Hey, Ike, remember that thing we were trying to have you do last school year, where you can wear the same shirt a few times before washing it, but you switch different shirts in-between? Why don’t you do that again?”

Mabel said, “Yeah, he’s like a cartoon character because you can recognize him by his shirt.”

“And since you wore that shirt yesterday,” I continued, “why don’t you go put on a different one?”

Ike shook his head. “But yesterday was an A-day, and today’s a B-day.”

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9 Responses to Irrefutable logic

  1. Lili says:


  2. Kayli says:

    Ha ha ha!!! Good thinkin. My son does the same thing and I have to remind him to wear a different shirt. He just told me, “I’m doing better lately.” ha ha.

  3. Jason says:

    I like wearing the same shorts all week except Sunday.

    I feel dumb because I didn’t get the A-day, B-day thing.

    • Stephen says:

      Me too.

    • zstitches says:

      So, on school A-days Isaac has certain classes, and on B-days different classes, and the two schedules alternate, so he sees a different set of teachers and friends on the second of two consecutive school days–which makes it less likely that anyone will notice he wore the same shirt for those two days in a row. So in Isaac’s argument, there’s no reason to change your shirt more often than every other day.

  4. Mrs. Organic says:

    Just wait. When they start noticing girls, they almost change their shirt hourly.

    • the MomB says:

      I believe Ike *notices* girls. He just isn’t particularly interested in working at impressing them. It’s “take me the [good] way I am, or fuggedaboudit.”

  5. Hannah says:


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