And so it begins

Rose, 2nd-grader

We’re half an hour into the new school year and already had our first mishap. I forgot Rose’s school had a “common day” where all the kids go on the later schedule, so I had to go pick Rose up after Dean had dropped her at school.  I’ll have to take her back in half an hour. (We weren’t the only ones to forget; there were several other kids waiting to be picked up.)

Ike, 9th grade; Mabel, 6th grade

This year Ike’s at the junior high, Mabel’s at a magnet program at a different elementary school (beyond walking distance), Rose is at our neighborhood school, and Henry will be in half-day kindergarten starting next week, so my four school kids are at three different schools, on four different schedules. We had three different back-t0-school nights. (We skipped one and will have to miss another.) We had two different reading assessment days, times, and locations, and will have Henry’s pre-kindergarten assessment this week. It felt like we spent the better part of our last week of summer at school. I’m not a fan of common days and “mimimal days” (days when school gets out about a half hour earlier, four times per school year) anyway, but with four schoolkids, I start to feel like the schools contrive to make my family’s schedule as complicated as possible.

Oh-do I not sound excited and grateful for school to be starting? I will say this: all my kids have wonderful teachers this year, they are going to love seeing their school friends every day, and I’m sure they’ll have lots of great learning experiences. (Better?)

Hazel, Henry

Update: When I took Rose back over to school, the teachers were lined up by the entrance to the school waving pompoms to cheer the kids. I might have been unsentimental about school starting up until then, but that got me.

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3 Responses to And so it begins

  1. Kristina P. says:

    They all look so great. Love the circle skirts.

  2. Lili says:

    Why is it that _I_ get a tinge of the blues when school starts for my nieces and nephews? I think it’s because not only are the kids more accessible during the summer, but so are their parents…

  3. Jason says:

    I feel the excitement of a new school year!

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