This project started out as a kids’ tee shirt with a faded, cracked iron-on transfer that I wanted to cover, and a top I had sewn for myself. I hadn’t loved the way the top fit me, but I did love the fabric, so I had kept it to cut down for a skirt for one of my girls. I had some other scraps of the fabric, too.

The funny thing was that although I had just enough fabric for a skirt for Rose and a skirt for Hazel, the shirt was too small for Rose and too big for Hazel.

Oh, well. At least Hazel pulls off the oversized-shirt look pretty well. And maybe she’ll have grown into Rose’s skirt by the time the shirt fits her better.

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3 Responses to Salvage

  1. Trina says:

    That is wonderful fabric, and the “salvage” looks great!

  2. Stephen says:

    When I read the title “Salvage” and realized the post was about sewing, I thought you had misspelled the word. Smirk.

    • the MomB says:

      No wonder, you smarty-pants old home sewer (no kidding, that’s how they refer to us now– the kind of P.C. that drives me crazy) you. We were lucky to grow up with a mother who was such an extraordinary seamster. The most beautiful shirts Stephen’s ever had are probably the ones he made himself, but whereas I don’t really enjoy the process of sewing, I think he genuinely hates it. But he can do it–and beautifully.

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